What is the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine? (MCGM)

Genetics (and Genomics) is an important, growing area of medicine. We are learning much more about how the genes (instructions) in the cells of our body can influence the risk of developing medical problems. In clinical genetic services such as MCGM, we meet patients and families who are affected by conditions caused by changes in genes. Genetic conditions can affect adults, children or babies and can cause many different types of conditions.

The waiting room at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine

As a specialist service, we have teams of Genetics doctors, Metabolic Doctors, Nurses, Genetic Counsellors, and Dieticians as well as laboratory scientists and researchers. We are also a training centre and you may meet trainee doctors or student genetic counsellors observing clinics. We have genetics clinics for paediatrics, developmental disorders, cancer, eye conditions, heart conditions, neurogenetics, neurofibromatosis and many others. We also have a clinical Urgency team for urgent referrals, such as those during pregnancy.

Our knowledge and understanding of genetics is rapidly advancing with new scientific technology. In Manchester, we have a highly successful genetic diagnostic laboratory where we do many different types of genetic tests. We have an active research team and also deliver education for training future Clinical Scientists, Genetic Counsellors, Doctors and Nurses across the North West Region. We also run national and international conferences in specialist areas of genetics.