Why have I been referred?

A doctor in clinic with a patient

You have been referred to the genetics service by your GP or health care professional. Some common reasons for referral are:

  • You have a personal history and/or strong family history of cancer
  • You want to discuss genetic testing for a condition already identified in your family
  • Your child has a problem with growth and/or development
  • You have lost a baby and would like to discuss whether there may be a genetic explanation for this
  • You want to know if there may be a genetic reason for health problems in you or your child
  • You or your child have been diagnosed with a genetic condition and you have been referred for specialist advice about this
  • You are pregnant and want to discuss the implications of a known genetic disorder in your family
  • You are pregnant and want to discuss a change in your baby seen on ultrasound scan or found through a prenatal test.

General information about the NHS Clinical Genetics service can be found at: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Genetics/Pages/genetic-testing-and-counselling.aspx