What should I bring with me?

A geneticist drawing a family pedigree diagram

Before you come to clinic, it can be really helpful if you can gather information about the condition in your family and your family history. In particular, please bring:

  • The details of any family members who have already been seen by Genetics (either in Manchester or elsewhere). They will have been given a ‘family number’. Finding out this number would be very useful.
  • Details (full names, date of birth/death, address) of any relatives who have been diagnosed with a genetic condition or serious illness (including cancer).

When we first meet you, the genetic doctor or genetic counsellor will draw together your family history. We understand getting all of this information may be difficult, but without it, it may not be possible for us to provide you with accurate information and/or a risk assessment. Please bring as much of the above information as you are able to find out. We understand some families have less contact with their relatives and some people are adopted. Don’t worry if you have less information about your family tree.