The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine has an active programme of research exploring ways to increase our ability to personalise diagnosis, to understand the effect of gene changes, to predict response to drugs and to offer patients new treatment opportunities.

As part of the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre we link academic scientists with genomic medicine services, state of the art clinical trials facilities and the latest genomic technologies. Consequently, Manchester’s genomic medicine infrastructure is directly allowing implementation, development and delivery of precision medicine.

We are a large department that integrates our clinical teams with the research efforts of basic scientists. This expertise crosses the diverse range of clinical specialties including cancer, ophthalmology, developmental disorders and metabolic disorders.

We have a diverse portfolio of active research studies and active clinical trials providing our patients with a wide range of opportunities to take part in research . For example, one of our main focuses is recruitment to the 100,000 Genomes Project. You can find out more about all the different studies we can offer here.

By offering this diverse array of research studies to families, we are able to provide the latest and most advanced diagnostic tools for our patients to help inform treatment decisions and improve lives.