The Neurogenetics Team is a diverse team made up of Clinical Geneticists, Genetic Counsellors, Neurologists, Research Psychologists, and Clinical Scientists who work collaboratively to deliver a varied portfolio of research interests for patients.

The HD clinical team at MCGM is actively involved in a number of current international studies. These include the large observation study, ENROLL-HD as well as pharmaceutical drug trials including the first gene silencing treatment trial. All HD patients, whether affected or at-risk are eligible to participate in existing research, integrated as part of our service to HD families in the North West of England. Dr David Craufurd is on the Executive Committee of the European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) and lead facilitator of the Behavioural Working Group. Rhona MacLeod is lead facilitator of the EHDN Working Group ‘Genetic testing and counselling’.

Other research interests include identifying new molecular insights into the pathogenesis of Hereditary Ataxia and qualitative research into the clinical impact of the disease. Dr John Ealing is on the medical advisory board of Ataxia UK. There is also ongoing research into the pathogenesis and management of Motor Neurone Disease with ongoing recruitment to MIRACALS, MND Registry, CSNAT-MND Carers Support and TONiC trials. dr Ealing is also the MND Care Centre Co-Director in Manchester.