Genetics and Genomics is an important and rapidly evolving science in healthcare. Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine (MCGM) has internationally recognised expertise in genetics/genomics and rare diseases, embedding this expertise in clinical service and research, as well as postgraduate education and training.

Manchester has an extensive programme of teaching across the North West. We were recently awarded the national tender for the Scientist Training Programme in Genomics, which trains Genomic Scientists, Genomic Counsellors and Bioinformaticians for the current and future delivery of genomics in healthcare. As an integrated clinical academic centre, we are supporting the next generation of researchers in diverse areas including molecular biology, bioinformatics and precision medicine. We host a number of PhD studentships and fellowships. We also offer a range of educational activities to support doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals stay up to date with genetics within their specialist areas.

Our teaching has expanded further with dedicated educational outreach programmes as part of our NHS Genomic Medicine Centre and the development of the MSc Genomic Medicine.