National Genomic Sciences STP

This three year Scientist Training Programme (STP) includes academic (MSc Clinical Science) and work-based training elements, and results in professionally recognized qualifications which are prerequisite towards UK professional registration for Clinical Scientists and Genetic Counsellors.

The academic element of the STP in Genomic Sciences (Genomic Sciences) is delivered by the University of Manchester (UoM) in collaboration with the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine,  Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and the University of Liverpool (Liverpool University) as part of the Manchester Academy for Healthcare Science Education (MAHSE). Most teaching will be delivered on the main campuses of UoM, and MMU.

The Genomic Sciences STP currently has two specialist pathways; one for Genomics (formerly genetics) and one for Genomic Counselling (formerly genetic counselling). A new pathway specialising in cancer genomics is expected to start in 2018.

Admission on to the STP programme is through a national process run by the National School of Healthcare Science that takes place in January each year. For further information, please visit the NHS Careers website and AGNC website. The programme is administered by Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education.

Dr Emma Jenkinson is the Programme Director for the MSc Clinical Science (Genomic Sciences) at UoM.

The Genomic Sciences STP is advised by two patient representatives who are actively involved in curriculum development and teaching.