Developmental Disorders

The Developmental Disorders’ Team is a team of clinicians, counsellors, scientists and researchers working at the Centre for Genomic Medicine.

Developmental disorders are conditions that result in malformations of internal organs, intellectual disability or other related symptoms. These can result from chromosome aberrations, single gene changes or unusual environmental exposures during foetal life. Over 1000 genetic developmental disorders are now known and the list is still growing. The aim of our clinics is to provide information and help to clarify diagnosis, management and treatment plans for patients with developmental disorders of all ages.

Over recent years the underlying genetic basis of a large number of developmental disorders has been identified. Where it is appropriate our team provides genetic testing for families and patients with a genetic developmental disorder.

We are passionate about education in Clinical Genetics: we organise local, national and international specialist courses for doctors and genetic counsellors. Our team members are very active in research projects of international reputation.