Inherited Renal Conditions

Genetic medicine has a long history of collaboration with adult and paediatric nephrologists. Two specialist multi- disciplinary clinics focus on diagnosis and management of possible genetic renal disease, with genetic testing and family screening organised as required.

Clinical service

We see individuals and families affected by, or with a family history of, a possible or certain inherited renal condition. The multidisciplinary clinics provide specialist diagnostic services, information about renal, genetic and any other aspects of the inherited renal condition, as well as support and referral to other services when necessary.

Two specialist clinics are held each month, one in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, co-ordinated by Professor Adrian Woolf, and the other in Genetic Medicine, St. Mary’s Hospital. All clinics include an adult nephrologist, Dr Kate Hillman, a paediatric nephrologist, Professor Adrian Woolf, and a clinical geneticist, Dr Helen Stuart.

The clinic in Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is for affected or at risk children. Families where only adults are affected are seen in the St Mary’s clinic.

Referral information

Children with kidney and/or urinary tract diseases (eg malformations, cysts, glomerular or tubular disorders) which may have a genetic basis and/or be familial should be referred to; Professor Adrian Woolf, Paediatric Nephrology, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, or to Dr Helen Stuart in Genetic Medicine.

Adults with a similar spectrum of diseases should be referred to; Dr Kate Hillman, Nephrology, Manchester Royal Infirmary or to Dr Helen Stuart in Genetic Medicine.

Useful information