Neurogenetics is the study of disorders that affect the brain and nervous system.

The Neurogenetic team based at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine includes clinical geneticists, neurologists, genetic counsellors, clinical scientists, neuro-psychologists and research associates.  We see people affected and at risk of neurogenetic conditions affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems, such as Huntington’s disease (HD), Familial dementia including familial FTD,  Motor Neurone disease, Spino-Cerebellar Ataxia (SCA), Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis, Spinal Muscular atrophy (SMA), Peripheral Neuropathies (CMT), Myopathies and Muscular Dystrophies. There are family genetic registers that support the genetic management of families affected by Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies, Huntington’s disease and Myotonic dystrophy.

The team provides clinical assessment and molecular testing to clarify diagnosis and information on prognosis and risk to other family members, alongside genetic counselling relating to diagnostic, predictive and prenatal genetic testing.

In addition to clinics at MCGM, there is a multidisciplinary HD management clinic at MRI and peripheral clinics for certain conditions are held in Preston and Blackburn. We have strong links with paediatric and adult neurology services across the region including the Cerebral Function Unit at Salford Royal Infirmary.  We also work closely with support organisations such as the Huntington’s Disease Association.

The team has a strong record in conducting research both nationally and internationally. The HD team has been selected as one of only six centres in the world to carry out the Ionis study – a disease-modifying treatment trial for HD. Selection is based on our existing clinical track record and portfolio of research.