Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Our clinical services are delivered by a dedicated team of nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and other health professionals.

Willink Nursing Staff

Name Specialism(s) Contact Number
Gill Moss Lead Nurse 0161 701 1834
Sister Jean Mercer Clinical Nurse Specialist – MPS I,IV and Gaucher Disease
Sister Jane Roberts Clinical Nurse Specialist – MPS II, VI, Fabry’s and Wolman’s Disease
Sister Joan Fletcher Clinical Nurse Specialist – Pompe’s Disease and MPS III
Sister Niamh Finnigan Clinical Nurse Specialist – Wolman’s Disease and general metabolic disease
Junior Sister Claire Hamilton-Kay Enzyme replacement therapy 0161 701 0557
Junior Sister Siarah Nazir General metabolic disease 0161 701 0737
Staff Nurse Sarah Phillipo Niemann Pick Disease and Enzyme replacement therapy
Staff Nurse Rebekah Hutton General metabolic disease and Enzyme replacement therapy

Neurofibromatosis Nursing Staff

Name Role
Judith Eelloo Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist, NF1
Mrs E Hupton Clinical Nurse Specialist, NF1
Mrs F Cairns
Raji Anup Clinical Nurse Specialist, NF2 (Manchester)
Mary Perry
Jincy Kurian
Patricia Braithwaite Clinical Nurse Specialist, NF2 (North of England)
Nicola Jarvis Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, NF2 (Manchester)
Lisa Fitzgerald Specialist Vestibular Balance Physiotherapist, NF2


Name Role
Fiona White Chief Dietitian
Janice Glynn Dietitian
Victoria Holmes Dietitian
Emma Simpson Dietitian
Allyson Terry Dietitian
Karen Van Wyk Dietitian