Full Study Name

STAARS – Study of Adults and Adolescents with Russell Silver Syndrome in the UK

Lead Site


Local Principal Investigator

Dr I Karen Temple

Study Status


Main Aims

The primary aim of this retrospective cohort study is to provide urgently needed observational data on long term height and disease impact on adults with Russell Silver syndrome (RSS), so families (and health professionals) can be provided with more information when deciding how to optimally treat children with the condition.

Inclusion Criteria

Patients diagnosed by a physician with Russell Silver syndrome and aged 13 years or above.

Exclusion Criteria

Under 13 years old

Open Sites

Southampton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Cambridge, Guy’s, Leeds, North West London, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, GOSH, Aberdeen, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, St George’s, Belfast, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Leicester

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