Brain Development

Full Study Name

Brain Development – Genetic disorders of growth, development and the brain

Lead Site


Local Principal Investigator

Dr Andrew P Jackson

Study Status


Main Aims
  • Identify genes for human growth, developmental and brain disorders
  • Understand the function of these genes to elucidate the origins and mechanisms of these disease processes.
Inclusion Criteria
  • Developmental delay/Cognitive impairment, and/or other neurological deficits
  • Diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Genetic aetiology likely on clinical grounds
Exclusion Criteria
  • Major chromosome imbalance or aneuploidy identifiable on routine karyotyping
  • Environmental cause (e.g. birth hypoxia, congenital infection)
Open Sites

Leeds, North West London, Newcastle, Bristol, Exeter, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton, Leicester, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Glasgow

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