Full Study Name

LymRes – Analysis of genes and their functions in patients with primary lymphoedema

Lead Site

St George’s University of London

Local Principal Investigator

Dr Sahar Mansour

Study Status


Main Aims

Identify new genes linked with unexplained lymphoedema

Inclusion Criteria
  • Patients with Milroy disease (lymphoedema that is confined to the lower limbs, is congenital in onset, have a family history of the disorder, and there are no associated abnormalities)
  • ‘Milroy-like’ lymphoedema but do not fit the above criteria, e.g. they may be sporadic, have onset in childhood, have slight oedema elsewhere on the body (such as a hand or part of the face)
Open Sites

North West London, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cambridge, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Oxford, Southampton, Belfast, Bristol, Liverpool, Guy’s, Newcastle

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