Full Study Name

BINGO – Neuroanatomical, cognitive and behavioural phenotypes in intellectual disability of genetic origin

Lead Site


Local Principal Investigator

Dr FL Raymond

Study Status


Main Aims
  •  To identify cognitive, neurophysiological and neuroanatomical phenotypes reflecting disruption to different functional gene networks in patients with ID
  • To describe the psychiatric and behavioural co-morbidities seen in patients with ID due to disruptions to different functional gene networks
  • To determine which phenotypic features are predictive of general cognitive ability (IQ) and psychiatric co-morbidities in patients with ID of known genetic cause disrupting different functional networks
Inclusion Criteria


  • Objectively diagnosed with ID by a paediatrician, psychologist or geneticist
  • In whom a genomic variant has been identified, that is likely to contribute to ID in the patient
  • Aged over 6 years

Comparison subjects;

  • WASI full-scale IQ within one standard deviation of the population mean
  • Matched in age (+/1 year) and gender to a patient with ID within the study
Exclusion Criteria

Patients and comparison subjects:

  • Contraindication to MRI scanning e.g. pacemaker, MR-sensitive metallic implants.
  • Known structural brain abnormality incompatible with MRI analysis methods e.g. extensive ischaemic or haemorrhagic lesions, tumour, major dysplastic lesion
  • Head trauma with loss of consciousness
  • Non-English speaking (as first or second language)

Comparison subjects only:

  • Neurological disease e.g. epilepsy, CNS infection
Open Sites

Cambridge, Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, GOSH, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Oxford, Exeter, Southampton, Bristol, Leicester, St George’s, Sheffield, Guy’s, North West London

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