Genes and the Kidney in Tuberous Sclerosis

Full Study Name

A Study of the Natural History of Renal Disease in TSC2/PKD1 Contiguous Gene Deletion Syndrome

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Local Principal Investigator

Professor Julian Sampson

Study Status


Main Aims

The primary aim of this study is to determine the natural history of renal disease in patients with the TSC2/PKD1 contiguous gene deletion, specifically:
The secondary aims are:

  • To determine the difference in renal function decline between patients with the TSC2/PKD1 contiguous deletion and a mutation only in TSC1 or TSC2.
  • To determine the standardised mortality rates in the group of patients with TSC2/PKD1 deletions and their causes of death.
  • To describe the spectrum and severity of other features of TSC in this patient group.
  • To characterise as fully as possible the genomic extents of deletions at the TSC2/PKD1 locus in this group of patients and deduce the molecular mechanisms likely to lead to these deletions.
Inclusion Criteria
  •  confirmed contiguous TSC2/PKD1 gene deletions, or
  •  exclusive TSC2 gene mutations
  •  exclusive TSC1 gene mutations
Exclusion Criteria

Patients without alterations involving TSC1, TSC2 or TSC2/PKD1 contiguous deletion.

Open Sites

Birmingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Exeter, Manchester, Belfast, Cambridge, Southampton, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Leeds, Dundee, Leicester, St George’s

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