Dermatology Conditions

Full Study Name

Genotype-phenotype correlation in rare cutaneous lichenoid and scarring dermatoses and rare alopecias

Lead Site

King’s College London

Local Principal Investigator

Prof John A.

Study Status


Main Aims
  • To find genotype-phenotype correlation in the disease in question
  • To conduct deep clinical phenotyping of the rare dermatoses under study
  • To conduct genotyping of appropriate patients
  • To allow undertaking cohort monitoring of LP and variant patients for up to 10 years to observe for changes to their disease course
Inclusion Criteria
  • Patients must give written informed assent/consent to take part in the study
  • Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of the rare dermatosis in question will be included (i.e. strong clinical +/¬ histological evidence, as appropriate)
Exclusion Criteria
  • Any inclusion criteria not met
  • Adult patients that lack capacity to consent to take part in the study
Open Sites

Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Oxford, Glasgow, Newcastle, Exeter, Cambridge, Dundee, Edinburgh, Leicester, North West London, Southampton, St George’s

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