Sanjeev S Bhaskar BSc(Hons) MSc PgD Bioinformatics Principal Clinical Scientist


Sanjeev completed a degree in Genetics at the University of Glasgow in 1998. He went on to further complete a Masters in Medical Genetics (1999) and took up a research/diagnostic post researching skin cancer in the Scottish population. In view of the impending human genome project and the need for scientists to have bioinformatics skills he undertook a conversion post graduate course in Software Development at Glasgow Caledonian University/EHSAL, Brussels. On completion, he went to University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, USA to work as a Bioinformatician on Friedriech Ataxia. On his return he took a post in Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute working on the Exon Re-sequencing Project, WTCCC Re-sequencing project and developing next generation sequencing pipelines. His special interest lies in the translation of ‘omics into the diagnostic sphere.