In the Greater Manchester GMC we are driving change in genomic medicine by

  • Our interactions with Health Care Professionals in all areas of medicine across the whole region, including cardiology, neurology, respiratory medicine, oncology, renal medicine and paediatrics.
  • Streamlining the way that we deliver precision medicine genetic tests in cancer so that patients can be prescribed the most effective treatments.
  • Using newly designed computer-based tools to bring together clinical data, genomic test results and other clinical investigations to enhance multi-disciplinary meetings and ensure optimum patient care.
  • Initial results are leading to changes in clinical care – providing personalised treatment for patients.
  • Engaging with patients through 100,000 Genomes Project participant days, where updates are provided and there are opportunities for discussion about the project and its progress. ‘This may not help my son now, but having the knowledge and being well informed will help future generations’ (a 100,000 Genomes Project participant)
  • Engaging with the public about the power of genomics in healthcare through Manchester Science events including the European City of Science, Festival of Science and Pint of Science.
  • Delivering training and teaching to Health Care Professionals,  including hundreds of junior doctors across our region, as well as liaising with GPs to raise awareness of genomics.