RP Genome Project: The UK Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Consortium

Full Study Name

RP Genome Project: The UK Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Consortium

Local Principal Investigator

Professor Graeme Black

Study Status


Main Aims

Retinal dystrophies are the most common inherited eye problems. They affect the health of the retina, which is the light sensitive film at the back of the eye.

We know that small changes in an individual’s genes can cause these types of problems in some families. Scientists have found some of the genes that cause retinal dystrophy, but we need to find better ways of testing and discovering other genes so that we can give families more information, and develop treatments for the condition.

We will do this by working together in a group of leading UK centres (the UK Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Consortium).

The specific aims of the study are to find new disease causing genes, improve diagnoses and to improve collaborative working around the UK

Inclusion Criteria

In order to be eligible to participate in this study, an individual must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Provide signed and dated informed consent form.
  • Willing to comply with all study procedures and be available for the duration of the study.
  • Male or female, of any age.
  • Diagnosis of IRD, or family member with this diagnosis
Exclusion Criteria

A patient that has not been diagnosed with IRD.

Open Sites

St Marys Hospital – Manchester, Leeds University; UCL Institute of Ophthalmology; University of Oxford.

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