Duane’s Syndrome

Full Study Name

Di George Syndrome – A study of movement disorders in adults with 22q11 deletion syndrome

Local Principal Investigator

Professor Jill Clayton-Smith

Study Status


Main Aims

To advance our knowledge in two ways, firstly by locating the genetic cause of these disorders and secondly by allowing us to understand further the mechanisms of nerve „wiring‟ that occurs between the brain and the eye muscles as a human develops.

Inclusion Criteria

Subjects with familial eye muscle disorders or sporadic eye muscle disorders and also unaffected family members will be studied. There will be no age restriction. Those with as well as those without suspected associated abnormalities will be studied.

Open Sites

Lead site: Royal Devon & Exeter. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford, Cardiff, Liverpool, Cambridge, Newcastle, Southampton, Belfast, Nottingham

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