Glenda Beaman wins HEE Innovation Award

Dr Glenda Beaman won the Learning Matters Health and Care Award in the category of Innovation in Health and Care for her work on the 100,000 genomes project. The award ceremony was held on 15th June 2017, at the Manchester Museum, with judges including senior staff from Health Education England, Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW), Public Health England (PHE), the Academic Health and Science Networks (AHSNs) and the Workers’ Education Association (WEA).

Glenda Beaman receiving her award

Her acheivements were noted in the event programme:

Dr Glenda Beaman, the project educational training lead, has trail blazed; working with experts, patients and clinical staff to jointly develop and deliver a multi-faceted, educational and training programme designed to provide healthcare professionals across Greater Manchester with the knowledge and confidence to refer to the project. This has involved establishing Genomic Cafés, grand rounds in hospitals, training for GPs and educational sessions for every foundation year doctor, plus regular talks at nursing forums; as well as significant patient and public engagement events to raise awareness. This work has impacted significantly on the number of genome referrals. Professor Newman said, with over 10,000 direct contacts “More people have been reached in one year than the previous twenty years. It is vital to harness the remarkable power of this new form of diagnostic testing and apply it for maximal patient benefit”