New Manchester-Beijing Healthcare Genomics postgraduate training course launched in China

A pioneering partnership between The University of Manchester and Peking University has resulted in the development of a formal post-graduate level training course in healthcare genomics for China-based doctors.

Signing ceremony between University of Manchester and Peking University

Genomic testing and precision medicine are playing increasingly important roles in diagnosing and treating conditions in clinical practice; however, the general level of knowledge of healthcare genomics is low among many medical practitioners – in the UK as well as China.

In the UK, clinical genetics has been a recognised medical specialty for over three decades with a formal training and career pathway for doctors who diagnose and manage families with genetic disorders. However in China, clinical genetics was only formally agreed as a specialist area of medicine this year, creating a need for formal training for doctors, genetic counsellors and clinical scientists to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver patient care in this rapidly expanding field.

Read more about the new Healthcare Genomics training course on the University of Manchester website.