Willink Biochemical Genetics

The Willink Biochemical Genetics Laboratory service specialises in the diagnosis and monitoring of inherited metabolic disorders using biochemical and chemical techniques. The laboratory provides a repertoire of tests to diagnose a wide range of disorders, including but not limited to, the organic acidurias, amino acidurias, urea cycle defects, fatty acid oxidation disorders, peroxisomal and sterol synthesis disorders, and in particular is well known nationally and internationally for specialising in the diagnosis of lysosomal disorders of all types. We provide our services to a wide range of hospitals; regionally, nationally and internationally. The laboratory also provides newborn screening for PKU and MCADD for 55,000 babies annually within the North West region.

A team of clinical scientists, in conjunction with the clinical team of five consultant paediatricians specialising in inborn errors of metabolism, ensure that advice on specialist testing is always available and that clinicians sending samples are contacted personally about their patients when positive or important negative diagnoses are made. The laboratory staff work closely with the Willink Unit’s clinical team of consultants, nurses and dietitians to ensure a fully comprehensive service for users and patients. More information can be found on the Willink clinical pages.

For more detailed information on the laboratory and the services offered, including sample requirements, please download our Willink Laboratory Handbook.

To make a request please use the Willink Biochemical Genetics Request Form.

Requests to send samples to external laboratories for biochemical genetics tests that are not available locally, should be accompanied by an export form (CMFT patients only). Apologies but we cannot act as an intermediate for hospitals in the region wishing to send samples for testing elsewhere, these must be sent directly from the local laboratory. However we are happy to help laboratories to identify providers of rare and unusual tests, please contact the duty scientist.

Contact Us:

For general enquiries, including whether samples have been received or availability of reports, please call the laboratory office on 0161 701 2138/7.

For advice on test selection, results interpretation and requests for urgent or expedited analysis, we have two duty scientist lines.  These phones are carried by the duty scientists at all times during the working day (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm).

Metabolites and Newborn screening enquiries:     
0161 701 8504
Lysosomal Storage Disorder enquiries:     
0161 701 8612

Outside of normal working hours advice on testing (in addition to clinical advice) can be obtained from the metabolic consultant on-call who can be reached by calling CMFT switchboard on 0161 276 1234.

Lead Clinical Scientist / Head of Biochemical Genetics Service

Consultant Clinical Scientist Mick Henderson mick.henderson@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 2143

Newborn Screening & Metabolites Section

Laboratory     0161 701 2142
Principal Clinical Scientists Teresa Wu Hoiyee.Wu@cmft.nhs.uk 0161 701 2140

Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD) Section

Laboratory     0161 701 2307
Principal Clinical Scientists

Heather Church

Karen Tylee



0161 701 2306

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