Specialised Cell Culture Services

Services offered:

  • Separation of peripheral blood samples and long term storage of lymphocytes in liquid nitrogen
  • Transformation of B lymphocytes with EBV virus to produce lymphoblastoid cell lines
  • Short term culture of lymphocytes to produce RNA
  • Storage of fibroblast cultures
  • Culture of samples stored for testing in other laboratories

Sample Requirements

Blood samples for storage of lymphocytes or establishing cell lines use AcidCitrateDetrose-A (ACD) or Sodium Heparin tubes with 10-20ml of blood for adults and 2-10ml of blood for children.

Blood samples for RNA analysis same volume of blood in a EDTA tube.

Samples should be stored at room temperature and NOT chilled or Frozen.

Samples should be received with 48hrs of sampling between Monday and Friday

For other samples please contact the laboratory before sending.

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