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Genomic science for healthcare: a unique collaboration

The Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine (MCGM) unifies NHS services and The University of Manchester research and teaching, creating one of the leading centres for clinical genomics in Europe.


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  • MCGM is made up of 250 NHS doctors, genetic counsellors, informaticians, scientists and university research experts, working in a purpose-built space designed to promote interaction and creativity.
  • We work with genomic scientists worldwide and are proud to have translated many of our research discoveries into new diagnostic tests and treatment trials to improve outcomes for our patients. We have trained many hundreds of genetic counsellors and scientists through internationally regarded academic and professional courses and workshops. Our informatic scientists have developed and promoted global networks for sharing clinical genomic data. We are proud to host major international networks to help provide quality-assured genomic services.
  • Our focus is to make personalised medicine a reality for patients and families; using next generation genomic technologies to make a precise diagnosis, understand risks and make the best treatment and management decisions.
  • Our practice is patient-centred; expert genetic counsellors help people understand and adjust to living with a genetic condition and our systems are designed to ensure that each generation can be made aware of the risks of an inherited disease in their family.

Clinical Genetic Service and the Willink Biochemical Genetics Unit

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The Genomic Diagnostic Laboratory

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