Biorepository/Biomedical Informatics Core

The Biorepository/Bioinformatics Core will establish standardised processes for securing and storing biological specimens along with predetermined requisite clinical data. All collaboration supported programmes and investigators are required to follow these standards. 

Institutional Review Board and Human Protection Core 

The Institutional Review Board and Human Protection Core will promote the protection of human participants in the research being conducted by the Joint Centre. This core will also help researchers understand the ethics review processes within MAHSC and PUHSC, and expedites the steps to successful Institutional Review Board submission. 

Collaboration Core

The Collaboration Core will engage social scientists and technologists to understand social, organisational, and technological features of the Joint Centre, in order to facilitate and optimising working relationships. The Core will also pursue research on the science of collaboration with specific emphasis on:   

(1)  Identifying collaboration needs and goals of each participating institution and the individual scientists and aligning these goals for collaborative projects;

(2)  Defining and optimising the metrics of success for collaborations between PUHSC and Manchester institutions;

(3)  Identifying ethical, regulatory, and legal issues that define successful collaboration;

(4)  Understanding management structures and processes that lead to favourable outcomes;

(5)  Make recommendations to the executive committee, project managers and scientists based on findings from research on the “science of collaboration.”

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