History of collaboration

Both institutions have a long track record of benefitting from international research collaborations and share research and clinical interests around genomics in rare and common disease including a previously established research collaboration since 2006 between Dr Tao Wang (MAHSC) and Professor Chunyan Zhou (PUHSC) on stem cell cardiomyocyte differentiation. More widely, educational, research, and trade exchange between institutions in the UK and China have been encouraged and endorsed by both governments, making this collaboration timely. 

Manchester as a city has a long association with China. There is a large Chinese community with an active business and cultural presence in the city including the third largest Chinatown in Europe.

The University of Manchester has a long history of hosting visiting scholars and students from China. There are currently over 3000 Chinese students in Manchester.

A joint financial commitment from both institutions to support the collaboration has been agreed.

Purpose / aims of collaboration

The vision of the Manchester-PUHSC joint centre is to become a world leading translational research centre for rare diseases and inherited cancers and to improve patient care and diagnosis in the UK, China and worldwide by establishing separate but interdependent elements comprising:

  • Joint International Centre for Rare Diseases

  • Reference laboratory for Genomic testing

  • Centre for Cancer Genetics

  • Clinical Trials Programme

  • Healthcare Genomics Training programmes

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