Additional members of the collaborative team


Professor Qiudan Sun

Professor and Director, Office of International Cooperation at PUHSC

Qiudan Sun is the director of the Office of International Cooperation of Peking University Health Science Center. Professor Sun also serves as Vice Chair of the Department of Applied Linguistics at the School of Foundational Education, PUHSC. She is a co-lead for the Collaboration Core for the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS)-PUHSC Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research. Professor Sun’s research interests include the science of collaboration and applied linguistics.

Dr Yu Xiang

Department of Scientific Research, Peking University First Hospital

Dr Xiang is a key administer of the Department of Scientific Research, mainly responsible for the management of scientific research projects. He works hard and wisely on the management affairs, taking charge of the optimizing of management process of scientific research projects, establishing the research platform of the hospital, participating in the innovation of management methods.

In addition, he is the secretary of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of Peking University First Hospital. He has improved the management regulation of the committee and reformed the review system. He is still working on the standardizing of clinical research and further consummating the responsibilities of the committee.

Dr Xiang got his Ph.D. and M.S. degree from Peking University. After graduation, he devoted himself in the management of scientific research. During four years training in the hospital, he focuses on the management research, and endeavours to make the scientific administration more effective and better organized.

Ms Xiaojia Li

Office of International Cooperation at PUHSC


Professor Lauren Kerzin-Storrar

Healthcare Genomics Course Director, University of Manchester

Lauren Kerzin-Storrar is Honorary Clinical Professor in the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine. She studied at University of California, San Diego and Berkeley, and obtained the MS Genetic Counselling in 1979. She was Lead Genetic Counsellor at St Mary's hospital until 2012. She has a broad clinical experience in genetic counselling including around prenatal diagnosis, predictive testing for late onset conditions and testing for X-linked disorders. She has contributed to the development of the genetic counsellor profession in the UK, Europe, and internationally. In 1992 she established the MSc in Genetic Counselling in Manchester, the first training programme for genetic counsellors in Europe. Her research interests have focused on the psychosocial aspects of genetic testing and genetic disease, including family impact and communication, and impact of genetic counselling. In 2014 Lauren was appointed Course Director and is leading the development of a suite of postgraduate taught courses in Healthcare Genomics and Genetic Counselling.

Dr Tao Wang

Senior Lecturer in Medical Genetics, University of Manchester

Dr Tao Wang is currently a Senior Lecturer in Medical Genetics in the University of Manchester. She received her Medical Degree from China Medical University in 1986 and a PhD degree in Cardiovascular Medicine from Beijing Medical University (now Peking University Health Science Centre (PUHSC) in 1991. She worked as a clinician Cardiologist in the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University until 1992 when she joined the University of Cambridge UK as a Postdoctoral scientist. In Cambridge, she worked on G-protein mediated signal transduction pathway in the human heart in the Department of Medicine, and then on genetic retinal diseases in the Department of Medical Genetics. In 2003 she moved to the University of Manchester as a University Research Fellow and then a Lecturer in Genetic Medicine. Her research interest is mainly on the molecular basis of cardiovascular conditions. Currently, her research group is focusing on using patient-specific pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to model genetic vascular diseases such as the genetic stroke, CADASIL, and screen for therapeutic options.

Dr Sarah George

Project Manager, Division of Research and Innovation at CMFT and Institute of Human Development at University of Manchester

Sarah George is Project Manager for the MAHSC-PUHSC collaboration and also supports other strategic projects in the wider Institute of Human Development at the University of Manchester. Sarah has a basic science background, receiving a BSc in Biomedical Science from King’s College London in 2000 and a PhD in immunology from the University of Nottingham in 2005. She has conducted cell biology research in a range of fields including diabetes, allergy and oncology. She spent four years working in the pharmaceutical industry, establishing a group to conduct biomarker studies for oncology clinical trials before joining a medical research charity in 2010, where she managed the review and award of grants and fellowships for arthritis and musculoskeletal disease research. Sarah joined CMFT/the University of Manchester in September 2013.

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