Peking University Health Sciences Center

PUHSC is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive medical school in China, attracting renowned medical experts and promising students from within China and around the world. Since its inception in 1912, PUHSC has become the leading medical and scientific research institution in the country, publishing the largest number of papers in SCI (totalling 2446) among all Chinese medical universities and colleges for several consecutive years. PUHSC has one state key laboratory, 12 ministry key laboratories, 19 research institutes and 38 research centres. From 2004 to 2008, PUHSC has assumed 1432 national and provincial research projects, with research grants amounting to RMB¥627,000,000. With six schools, eight affiliated hospitals, 13 teaching hospitals, and almost 7,000 beds, PUHSC provides world-class medical education dedicated to human health.

Within PUHSC there is extensive research and clinical activity related to inherited disease and genomics. Within the School of Basic Science, the centre for Medical Genetics has an active research programme including the study of cancer and aging, molecular mechanisms of stem cell differentiation, and tumour suppressor genes. Specialist clinical services and research programmes for developmental and inherited disease include paediatric renal disease, developmental brain disease, and inherited cancers.

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