Manchester Academic Health Science Centre

MAHSC is a partnership between The University of Manchester and six NHS organisations. It is one of only six centres in the country designated as an AHSC. AHSC designation recognises excellence across research, innovation, education and patient services, and in particular the potential to excel in translational medicine. 

The MAHSC partners employ more than 36,000 staff and have an annual turnover of £2.6bn, caring for a population of 3.5 million with some of the greatest health needs in the UK and making a contribution globally through research, education, healthcare and knowledge transfer.

MAHSC’s involvement in the Joint Centre is led by the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine (MANGEN), an integrated centre bringing together researchers, clinicians and clinical academics from two of MAHSC’s partners, University of Manchester and Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT).

The University of Manchester and CMFT have a rich history of genomic medicine dating back to 1965 with the appointment of Professor Alan Emery, one of the founding fathers of the field. Today the Genomic Medicine team is one of the largest and most comprehensive departments in Europe, serving a regional population of over 4.5 million with all major sub-specialist areas (dysmorphology, neuromuscular, neuropsychiatric, neurological, ophthalmic, cardiac and cancer genomics) and a number of national specialist services (including the lysosomal storage disorders and neurofibromatosis types 1 and 2). Manchester has an exceptional record in rare disease gene identification, with 29 such genes defined since 1993. Many of these genes were defined by our current members.

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