Clinical Referrals

Referrals are accepted from GPs, medical specialists, specialist nurses, midwives and healthcare colleagues throughout the North West region. Referrals to genetic clinics are usually to a named consultant but if not specified are allocated according to a consultant with a special interest, an appropriate out-reach clinic or to the urgency clinic.

We do accept referrals from outside our area on the basis of patient choice. However as patients will often require follow-up appointments, in this circumstance a referral to a neighbouring regional service is encouraged.

How do I find the consultant to refer to?

You can find out which consultant to refer to through our clinical genetic service pages. There is also a list of all consultants and genetic counsellors.

Do I need a specific form?

You can find all our referral forms on our Useful Forms page.

What are the common reasons for referral?

  • organisation of specialised prenatal diagnosis for a known familial genetic disorder
  • diagnosis and counselling on diagnosis of fetal abnormality, either on genetic testing or ultrasound.
  • investigation and diagnosis of congenital abnormality
  • investigation and diagnosis of abnormalities of growth or development in childhood
  • diagnosis of a disorder of metabolism investigation
  • diagnosis of a possible genetic disease, including eye, renal, cardiac and neurological disorders with a known or possible genetic basis
  • access to specialist expertise following diagnosis of a genetic condition
  • strong family history of cancer
  • concern regarding personal or family history of a genetic disease
  • to access testing of family members for carrier status for single gene (mendelian) disorders, including presymptomatic or predictive gene testing when indicated.
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